no crate2We want to set you and your new family member up for success! The dog you are adopting is already use to being crated when their foster family leaves their home and at night.

no crate1Crates provide a place for the dog to feel safe and comfortable, especially during the transition of moving into a new home. Your new dog will be stressed, no matter how "relaxed" they may seem. Not putting the dog in stressful situations the first few weeks will help you and you dog fit in to your home much sooner.

It is common for dogs to briefly forget their housetraining in a new enviroment. Use a crate in the beginning when you cannot closely supervise the dog is a great way to not let them make any mistakes.

Some dogs are "chewers" when left alone and crating your dog prevents not only possibly distruction of your couch or other things, but can also save you thousands of dollars in possible medical bills, or worse, the death of your dog from ingesting a foreign body.

If you do not crate your dog... this is what you may come home to:

no crate3   no crate4

So please always crate your dog!

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