Roni Sandy3By this time both dogs have already met either at the foster home, your home or another location and now it's time to bring your new dog home. Below are helpful tips on what to do the first day you bring your dog home as well as the days following. 

If you follow this advice and steps carefully you, your new dog, and resident dog will have a much easier time making the first few days and weeks less stressful and can result in a much happier beginning. Educate yourself on your dog's breeds even if they are a mixed breed because some of their inherited and pre-disposed genetic breed traits will be present.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking they can put the dogs together and everything will be fine. Dogs are very ritualistic but those rituals can vary depending on the dog and their past experiences with other dogs. Your job is to supervise, guide and intervene if necessary. We want this adoption to not only go well for the adopted dog but your current dog as well.

15253146 s overweightMost dogs become overweight when the balance between food intake and exercise is not equal. It can be caused by gving your dog too many treats, feeding them human food, or lack of daily exercise. Check the chart out below and see how your dog measures up.

Please note: if you feel your dog is underweight or overweight consult with your veterinarian. If there are no apparent reasons why your pet may be too thin or too heavy there are blood test that can be done to determine the cause and the correct course of treatment.