Trooper JessieBringing your new dog home for the first time is an exciting time for you and your new family member.  Below are some tips to help you both get off to a great start.

 Keep your expectations realistic. Every dog is an individual and have their own time frame of settling into a new home.

With most dogs, it takes at least three weeks for them to begin feeling like they're at home. Others, especially those that may have had a rough start in life, or were not socialized as much as some, it may take up to 2-3 months to feel completely safe and comfortable with their new family and environment.

Your newly adopted dog is definitely going to be under stress when he or she first comes in to your home. Ideally, it is always best to bring your new dog home when you are able to spend a couple of quality days with them. Keep excitement and activities to a minimum until you see your dog becoming comfortable and more aclimated to their new enviornment. Keep visitors, introductions to new dogs, places, and people to a minimum. Give them time to bond to YOU before placing them in other new or stressful situations they may not have ever encountered. Don't rush the process! If your dog is shy, read more about this topic here.

dog vet1Depending on when we rescued the dog, the age of the dog, it may need vaccination boosters, or a follow up exam from a surgery we had done.

You must also take your dog to your vet to obtain your monthly heartworm and flea prevention. We also want your new dog to begin a relationship with your vet and their staff before you may need them for an illness or emergency.