This means, before you ever consider adopting one of our dogs, plan ahead for every imaginable life change for the next 15 years.

This includes marriage, divorce, children, grand children, moving, change or loss of job, and many other changes you will experience in yours and your dogs lifetime. If you are not fully committed to doing this, then we encourage you to seek out other options for adopting a dog.

*Please note that you must contact us first before ever deciding to re-home your dog.

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waco female2First, we would never discourage anyone from adopting from a shelter. We recommend taking your time and get to know the dog as best you can. We want those dogs to have permanent forever homes too.

The main difference is our dogs are in everyday homes, we learn more about their behavior, health, and personality because they are in an enviornment just like yours. We hold each dog long enough to know if they may have contracted a disease while in the shelter. In most cases, upon exam by our veterinarians, we find out if the dog may have any long-term health concern or illness. In those cases, we always share anything we know about the dog.

We get to know the dogs habits, likes and dislikes and do our best to make good matches. If once approved to adopt, and we believe your situation may not be the best for the dog you want to adopt, we'll be honest enough to tell you. We are not only looking out for our dogs best interests but our adopters too.