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My family and I adopted our baby girl two years ago. She was a stray in San Antonio and got hit by a dumpster truck at just a few months old. She fractured her back leg, and was 15 minutes away from being put down when Austin Dog Rescue and her foster mom rescued her.
A few months later, we found her. We had recently lost our childhood dog to a tumor, and we were finally ready to add a new addition to our family. And our puppy fit right in! We love her with all our heart. We named her ‘Vida Nova’ for new life.

Thank you to Austin Dog Rescue and all the foster pawrents out there <33

Lillian Heath
10 March 2024

We adopted Mikey (now Reilly) 2 years ago. He was very nervous around new people and afraid to come into the house. He has come such a long way and is so sweet! He loves to play with his sister Margo and snuggle up with us once he wears himself out. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking a chance on this guy and keeping him safe and loved until we found each other!

Mike and Julie Lewis
30 November 2020

We brought our precious Molly girl home about 2 months ago and she’s been such a wonderful addition to our family!! Molly is such a sweet and gentle soul and has formed the sweetest bond with our toddler. We just love her so much! It took a few weeks for our other fur baby and Molly to get adjusted but boy are they inseparable now! Everything in time :) Molly girl loves her morning runs with mom and belly scratches from just about anyone she can sucker into it! Shes smart, cuddly and full of life. Thank you ADR for taking such great care of her!

Lauren E.
28 August 2019

Rascal came to live with my wife and I on June 30, 2018. We love having the little guy around, he is happy, full of energy and love.

We would recommend to anyone who is looking for a pet to do a rescue if you can. These animals are so appreciative and have a lot of love to give.

Be patient with them, let them get comfortable and enjoy a long life together.

Roger and Joan Goodwin

Roger Goodwin
03 July 2018

I adopted Libby from ADR in March of 2014. She was found by a good Samaritan tied to a lamp post near a highway in Killeen. After being taken into the Killeen Shelter, and put on the list to be euthanized, ADR advocated for her, and fostered her for months before they felt she was ready for her forever home. We had some growing pains initially, but 4 years later, and this dog is my entire heart. She has become the happiest most loving companion, and truly a best friend. I am so thankful to the ADR for uniting me with my Libby girl!

Jessica Friedman
17 April 2018

We adopted Zoe (Lady-Jay when we got her) two years ago when we lost our beloved wolf-dog. I never thought I could feel as connected to another dog as I had to Chloe. But somehow Zoe won me over with her goofy exuberance and sweet empathy. This dog is my velcro-friend and protector. She is the best exercise partner I could have and a wonderful companion for my teenage daughter. She is super smart and fun to train. Thank you ADR for bringing us together! The work you do is priceless!

Susan Michalski
12 January 2017

I can't imagine life without my Bubbles!! She has now been with me through getting married (and gaining a fur-sister), moving to California, moving to Germany, moving back to California and exploring every place we have been in between. This pup has lived and traveled the world! I am so grateful that I found her through ADR :)

Amy Weems
10 August 2016

Buttercup had been passed around a handful of shelters and homes, then posted as a "pitbull for sale" on Craigslist before ADR rescued her. Seven months later, we have come to know Buttercup as a fast-learning, all-animals-friendly, people-loving, vacuum-loathing, exercise-enthusiastic cuddlebug. In short, she is our unique and perfect child. We will always be grateful to ADR for making our family--and so many others--complete.

Alex Thomas & Wellington Chew
19 March 2016

Bailey (formerly Delta Dawn) could not have come into my life at a better time! I adopted her in May 2015, and shortly thereafter was diagnosed with uterine cancer. After successful surgery, I had to spend a lot of time at home recuperating. Bailey has been my constant companion. She's an extremely smart, sweet, low key bundle of fur who loves to snuggle with me. I had an electronic dog door installed, and she loves to set her own schedule and run outside in my fenced yard whenever the urge strikes her. I couldn't ask for a better fur baby, and am so grateful to have found her.

Kathy Klein
01 January 2016

We welcomed Lila (Keely) to our home in early August. Neither my husband nor I had a dog growing up and I had some dog fear from prior negative experiences. We didn't want our kids growing up the same way. Our oldest son expressed interest in getting a dog as reward for his good grades. As soon as she was in our home, she won his heart completely. He is a complete dope for his dog. The picture I am sharing is of he and his baby snuggling. He gets up early every morning to take her on her morning walk, they play soccer, and they have a second walk in the afternoon. The highlight of the day is when he comes home from school. "The boy! The boy is here!! I love the boy!" He talks to her in his Lila only voice, which is a totally ridiculous baby voice. We think it is hilarious. She sleeps in his bed every night and is a bed hog, but he doesn't mind. "She was so adorable, I couldn't move her." The change in our family has been dramatic. Everyone is more relaxed. The only snag is that Lila and our cat Lizzie hate each other. We are currently looking at getting another dog so our youngest boys can have a snuggle buddy too.

Mandy G
07 December 2015

I adopted Skye back in August of 2014. This dog has done so much for me I can't even begin to explain. But wanted to show that she just graduated on 27 July 2015 from Good Manners 1 Training held by Briana Stringer, Owner of Sublimes Canine.

Skye is posing in her graduation outfit.

I hope you all enjoy how happy Skye and myself are together thanks to you all.

Very Respectfully,
James Morford

James Morford
27 July 2015

We adopted Luna a month ago and couldn't be happier. She loves running the trails, dipping in the creek, traveling, sleeping in the semi truck, bonding with the cat and giving so much love to our family. Thank you ADR for saving this precious little girl. From the day I met her I knew we would be perfect together. She is my constant companion and my grandson's best lil buddy! We look forward to many wonderful years of smiles, laughter, love and miles together. I don't know what I would do without her!

Catherine Palmer
21 March 2014

We adopted Karma (Butters) in June 2013 and she was from the truck stop litter. She was so little when we got her and now she has grown so much! She was a little shy at first but now she loves everyone and all dogs and is the sweetest dog. She is extremely smart and very playful and clumsy at times. She goes to the dog park often and has met lots of friends there and is in love with our cat and two other dogs. We could not have found a better puppy for our family!

Amanda Roche
07 February 2014

Windy is settling quite nicely into her new "furever" home. She is getting along well with her two Chihuahua brothers. She just met my 3 year old grand daughter for the first time this weekend and she got along just great with her and was very gentle. Windy is enjoying her 1/2 acre yard and goes on "big dog patrol" and scopes out the entire yard for any critters that might intrude and keeps a watchful eye on the pony that lives next door. She is a big loveable snuggle bug and we are so thankful to Austin Dog Rescue for letting us include her in our pack.

Terri Curtis
25 January 2014

We looked at countless dogs on adoption websites but when we saw the pictures of Leeloo on the ADR website, we immediately knew that she was the perfect dog for us. Leeloo has been in our lives for only two weeks now but she has already made a huge impact on our family. She is one of the most loving and intelligent dogs we have ever met and will definitely be a great Pit Bull breed ambassador. Although our cat Buddy is not quite a superfan yet, even he is warming up to her.

We are so appreciative that the good people at Austin Dog Rescue saved Leeloo from the euthanize list of the Bastrop animal shelter and that her foster mom, Courtney took such good care of her before she found her forever home. ADR is proof that all dogs deserve a chance at a happy life.

It's been 4 years since fate brought Stella & I together. She's been my most beloved & trusted companion each and every one of those days through so many of life's events. Thank you ADR for loving my girl until we found each other.
20 December 2013

In 2007, this sweet tiny soul came from the caring home of an ADR foster into mine and I can't imagine life without her! Daisy has been my true companion for the last 6 years, and though she may be a bit more gray, she certainly couldn't be happier. Thanks for everything you do, ADR.

17 December 2013

Gracie is my first dog in over 20 years. I was actually set to adopt a Border Collie when I saw Gracie's tragic story on ADR. She had been neglected, and her leg became infected after possibly being run over. The vet made the decision to remove her leg, and on top of that she was heartworm positive. But she made it through both ordeals with such grace, so when I adopted her, I named her Gracie. She has been in my loving home ever since, and we adopted another 3-legged dog named Trey whom she loves endlessly.

Lance Taylor
04 December 2013

What an incredible difference six months has made! When we first adopted Vito, he was so shy and scared that it took 45 minutes to coax him out of my car. Our sweet little guy has totally blossomed, now though, and he is the funniest, most adorable pup you could imagine. Although he still runs to his crate when someone new comes to the door, his "adjustment period" is much, much shorter. He is even starting to approach people on his own. Vito loves his Kong toy, chasing squirrels with his big brother, Oz, going for car rides, and especially snuggling on the bed with Mom and Dad. He loves getting and giving kisses. Vito has made his permanent place in our family, and we can't imagine life without him. Thank you so much to the people at ADR who took a chance on him.

Susie Gielow and Brendan Burke-Phillips
04 December 2013

We adopted Mag from ADR over a year ago and he has been a blessing to our family. His sweet heart, goofy demeanor, and oversized (literally) love has made our little family complete. Our little Maltese adores him, as they have become a team in guarding our house from all birds, squirrels, cats, etc.

We are so thankful for all the work that ADR has done and we continue to support them, as Magnum is living proof of the good that they do in our community.

Jessica and Ryan Stathos
02 December 2013

We adopted Jake in March of this year. He is such a part of our family now and so spoiled. We took him with us to my daughter's new home on Thanksgiving and if he wasn't running in their big backyard he was inside schmoozing all the women who kept telling him how handsome he was. ADR does such great work. Jake thanks you for his forever home.

Darla Deen
29 November 2013

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