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Claire (UPDATED!)

Minimum Donation: $190 190 $


Hey there, my name is Claire! "Clara", "Clara-Bera" or "Claire Bear" to my friends. I am a very special girl and I am looking for a very special family to call my own. Read on to see if that might be you!

The first thing that you should know is that I am a championship level cuddler. There is nothing I love more than to sit in my person’s lap and watch some TV. Want to sit on the floor and scratch my neck? Then you can be my new best friend. I make really cute noises when I'm happy (which is a lot) and my primary goal in life is to make my person feel like the most important and most loved human in the world.

I have a goofy, fun personality and I keep my people highly entertained. One of my favorite tactics in this mission is to flop dramatically onto my back and squirm around like a worm. It’s always good for a laugh! Another good one is wiggling my entire body when I am excited to see you and then bouncing around like a jumping bean. I can get some serious air! Some of my favorite pastimes include playing tug, chewing on bones, sunning myself in the yard, allowing humans the honor of giving me belly rubs, and learning new tricks. My foster mom says I'm very smart! Occasionally she says too smart for my own good. Not sure what that means.

Now I have to mention something not so fun - I am heartworm positive. We tried to kill those suckers off the traditional way, but for a few reasons it did not work out so I have to go through what’s called the ‘slow kill’ method. What this will mean for my family is that it's critical for me to stay on a strict schedule with my monthly preventative and I will need to be on restricted activity for a while. Not total crate rest but no going on runs and no crazy all out play sessions. Keeping my brain busy goes a long way toward making up for that lack of exercise, so I would love a family who will keep me entertained and teach me lots of new things!

For now I would probably do best as an only pet, but might be ok with a K9 brother if it is the right fit. I like to play with other dogs but I’m not the best at reading and respecting their cues when they are ready to be left alone. My leash manners when I see other dogs on a walk could use some work, but I’m a very smart girl and I know I can learn if you are willing to teach me! I've already started working on it with my foster mom and we are making good progress. I'm told I just need a person who will be a strong, consistent leader and give me rules to stick to. True to my breed I do best if I have a job and a routine.

I sleep well in my crate all night and I love to nap throughout the day. If you think we’d be a good match I would love to meet you!


Age: 4 years old
Looks Like: Border Collie Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Female
Good with Kids Children over 13
Est. Adult Weight: 40 lbs