Austin Dog Rescue is made up purely of volunteers. Each dog is sheltered within a home in the Austin area. As such, there is no physical shelter to visit the dog at. If you think you may be interested in a particular dog now or in the future, please fill out an application form. People with approved application forms are prioritized over people who haven’t yet applied.


Minimum Donation: $250 250 $


QUEENIE was rescued on 9/11/22 from a very overcrowded shelter. She was brought in a stray puppy living on the streets. She is 4 months old and weighs 27 lbs. She is settling in nicely and is soaking up all the love and affection. Queenie has 3 large older foster siblings that are teaching her the ropes of being an indoor dog and how to chill in her beautiful and safe backyard. She's a smart little puppy and wants to learn. Queenie learned the doggy door on her first day! She's still adjusting to sleeping in her comfy safe crate, but every night we see progress with only a few minutes of barking. She has also learned "sit" and is learning her new name, which was given to her in honor of Queen Elizabeth's love of dogs. She is not a fan of car rides yet, but we will work on that by taking her on some fun outings that end with pup cups.

Queenie is a beautiful dark chocolate brown with a white chest and white feet. She has webbed feet and a petite build.. She has a sweet disposition and we can't wait to see her personality blossom as she becomes more confident. We plan on working on puppy socialization skills along with basic household manners and commands.

Stay tuned for more information about Queenie as we get to know her.


Age: 4 months old
Looks Like: Lab / Blue Lacy Mix
Gender: Female
Available for Adoption September 25th, 2022
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Children over 5
Est. Adult Weight: 50 lbs