Austin Dog Rescue is made up purely of volunteers. Each dog is sheltered within a home in the Austin area. As such, there is no physical shelter to visit the dog at. If you think you may be interested in a particular dog now or in the future, please fill out an application form. People with approved application forms are prioritized over people who haven’t yet applied.

Lilly (UPDATED!)

Minimum Donation: $250 250 $


Lilly was rescued from a shelter in San Antonio on July 2nd after ADR received an urgent plea that she was on the euthanasia list that day. The ADR volunteers jumped into action and saved her life so can she could live a long life in a loving home.

Lilly is 14 weeks old and weighs 22 pounds. She is a typical energetic 3 ½ month-old puppy that loves to eat and play. She looks to be a mix of Labrador/Staffordshire Terrier, but who knows because puppies can have up to 7 different dads. Lilly has shown some fear when meeting new dogs and overcomes it quickly and makes friends after she knows everything is OK. Lilly is living with 3 older dog siblings and 1 six-month-old foster puppy that is her best buddy! Lilly is treat-motivated making training fairly easy. 

Lilly loves water, toys, and playing fetch. She knows her name, "sit" and we are working on teaching "down", leash walking, and puppy socialization. Lilly is crate-trained and doggy door house-trained.

She doesn’t display a high prey drive so I feel confident she could co-exist with cats too. Lilly would make a great addition to an active family with or without dogs.


Age: 14 weeks old
Looks Like: Labrador / Staffordshire Terrier Mix
Gender: Female
Available for Adoption NOW
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Children over 5
Est. Adult Weight: 50 - 55 lbs