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Gabby (UPDATED!)

Minimum Donation: $220 220 $


GABBY was rescued from the Lockhart Shelter on June 12th. She is approximately 6 months old, 25 lbs. and a very sweet and fun-loving puppy. She adores affection considering she was a stray that probably lived most of her life outdoors. She gets excited greeting people and jumps, but we are working on that along with other basic manners.

GABBY is recovering from non-contagious mange (Demodex) and enjoys her frequent medicated baths and coconut oil massages. She is healing before our eyes and we are documenting her amazing transformation.

GABBY is adjusting well to living a life indoors with her own comfy bed, nutritious food and treats, a huge toy box and endless love and affection. She gets along great with her 3 new foster siblings, and they are teaching her all about the birds, squirrels, and deer in her large, fenced backyard. GABBY learned the doggy door, “sit” and name recall the first day with us and we are working on “down” and other basic commands. She is treat-motivated and eager to learn. Did I say Gabby loves toys? She also wants to play with the dogs, but when they aren’t in the mood, she can entertain herself or chill out alone. GABBY fetches but hasn’t quite learned to bring it back consistently. She sleeps quietly in the crate at night and naps in it during the day. She uses the doggy door to go in and out of the house and has only had 1 accident.

GABBY is still very much a puppy, and we are working on manners, leash walking and socialization skills.


Age: 6 months
Looks Like: Heeler / Cattle Dog
Gender: Female
Available for Adoption July 15th, 2022
Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids Children over 5
Est. Adult Weight: 25 lbs