Austin Dog Rescue is made up purely of volunteers. Each dog is sheltered within a home in the Austin area. As such, there is no physical shelter to visit the dog at. If you think you may be interested in a particular dog now or in the future, please fill out an application form. People with approved application forms are prioritized over people who haven’t yet applied.

Fawkes (UPDATED!)

Minimum Donation: $220 220 $


Hi, my name is Fawkes.

My foster mom says I am named after a fierce, stunning, and loyal companion and that I live up to my name. I am a fun loving caramel colored Pit Bull with plenty of energy. I am about a year old and stocky weighing about 55lbs I am mostly muscle. I don't plan on getting much bigger than I am now. Don't let the bursts of energy fool you, I am also a cuddling champion. I am still working on my basics but am house and crate trained, though I much prefer to be out and about with my family. I am pretty smart and very food motivated so I am pretty easy to train, I still have the personality of a puppy so my new family will need to be committed to continuing my training. I am well worth the work, my foster mom says I am the funniest dog she has ever met. I manage to make her laugh every single day.

When I go on walks through the neighborhood with my foster mom I am a perfect gentleman and walk by her side without pulling. I am terribly afraid of passing cars though so we are careful to avoid busy streets. We always bring along snacks to distract me when needed. However car rides don't bother me too much, I usually like to ride upfront even when my family starts me off in the backseat.

My current home has 2 adult dogs, a puppy, and a cat. I love it! The puppy is my favorite, we roll around on the ground and mouth wrestle. My foster family says I am very gentle and they are proud of me. I play a lot rougher with my adult dog foster brothers and sometimes need to be told to take a break. The cat and I didn't start out as  friends but we have learned to coexist. I have loved every person I have met so far! If you are interested please fill out an application, I am excited to meet you!


Age: 1 year old
Looks Like: Pit Bull
Gender: Male
Available for Adoption NOW
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Children over 13
Est. Adult Weight: 55 lbs