Keely Joseph Memorial Fund Application

Image.pngThis fund financially assists 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescues and rural shelters in the Central Texas area by providing funds for animals requiring high needs medical care.  Funds are limited to the amount donated to the fund.

On May 10, 2016, the Austin Community and animals lost a dear friend, Keely Joseph. Keely was a passionate advocate for all animals in need, a foster caregiver to many and a long-time volunteer and Board Member of Austin Dog Rescue. She took on many roles for ADR, but those of you on our Facebook page were witness to the amazing job she did promoting our dogs every day.

Keely inspired many of us with her unwavering support, wisdom, and kindness. She is remembered for each of these, but most especially her love of coffee and her wicked sense of humor. Keely was a light in the darkness. We will miss you with all our hearts and will honor you by carrying on the amazing work you did to save as many animals as you could.

In memory of her lifelong love and commitment to animals, Austin Dog Rescue has set up the Keely Joseph Memorial Fund.

Please complete the application below and attach a photo of the animal whom the funds will benefit.

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