Malcolm (UPDATED!)

Minimum Donation: $190


What can I say about Malcolm?!?

This boy has been raised around all different walks of dogs. He’s good with big dogs, little dogs, shy dogs, hyper dogs, and aggressive dogs. He’s super submissive and ready to just find his perfect family.

Ideal family for Malcolm?

Kids and other pets. He is a mellow 5 month old lab mix who has the energy level to help tire out a kiddo or 2, but also understands how to be mellow and just hang out. He also loves playing with other dogs, so having a play mate would be perfect for him.

Is he affectionate?

Oh my gosh yes! This boy loves to cuddle and snuggle. The closer he can be to his human the better!

What kind of things is he looking for?

Malcolm is a special pup, a true one of a kind find. His foster mom is looking for a family that will understand just how special he is and help his special attributes shine. He’s a quick learner, loving dog that will learn anything you want to teach him. I see tons of potential with him become a service dog. He loves people, dogs, cats, bunnies and more.

If this dog seems like the perfect fit for your please consider filling out an adoption application to meet him.


Age: 5 months (as of 2/21/2017)
Looks Like: Black Lab
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Male
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Good with all Children
Est. Adult Weight: 60 lbs