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Just when you think your life is full and nothing more could complete your household..... pump the brakes, folks.... you have not had the "Coops" in your bubble to take it to the REAL next level of joy. Cooper is about perfect. He is great with people, dogs, cats, chickens.... If the kids are dog-savvy, sturdy and over 10, he's gonna do great. He has excellent manners, shares his toys and treats, is crate-trained and housebroken. Cooper is moderately energetic and is content to go for walks or hit the sofa, but he likes being in-tune with his people. He volunteers his good behavior and shows you all of his tricks - for all of the love.

Cooper knows sit, down, back, wait, off, roll over, "bring me your toy", drop, fetch; and did I mention he is adorable, delightful and a comedian? This 4-year old dog is a 5-star companion and any individual or family would be very fortunate to have him.

At first introductions, Cooper is timid (a bit uncertain of your
intentions) but once you call his name and get his tail wagging, he's ready to be your buddy. He's a solid 35 lbs, but could probably drop a few pounds with steady walks and added activity in his life getting him to an ideal weight of about 30. Cooper is healthy, up-to-date on his vaccinations, and ready for adoption. If you are thinking about adding a second dog, or are brand new (but fully committed) to adding a dog to your family - Coops may be your dude.


Age: 4 Years Old
Looks Like: Beagle Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Male
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Children over 10
Est. Adult Weight: 30 lbs