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Hi everyone, I’m Stanley!

My sister and I were dumped at the shelter and I was so scared that I refused to stand up for days. The staff at the shelter said I was breaking their hearts because I was so afraid.

That’s when Austin Dog Rescue found me and decided to spring me and my sis from the shelter! When our ride to freedom finally came, everyone was crying, even me! Now that I have been safe and warm in a real house, I have been learning a lot and growing more confident! I am potty trained, I can sit, and I even learned how to go up and down these things called stairs.

Being separated from my sister (Yogi) is kind of hard, but it helps me learn how to be brave on my own. Plus, my foster mom is going to set up some play dates for us soon! I have made lots of dog friends since I left the shelter. I have lived with two packs, the one at my foster mom’s house (three dogs of all ages and sizes) and at my babysitter’s house when my foster mom went out of town (four dogs of all ages and sizes). I have even met two cats!

I am learning manners fast and my foster mom says I adjust really well for a pup that just a few weeks ago was too shy to look at anyone or even stand up. The truth is, I just didn’t have anyone to care for me or to show me the world when I was a puppy, but now that I am 7 months old and I am free, I am excited to see what’s out there! The thing about exploring is that it takes courage, and sometimes I get scared of strangers and need to spend a little time watching before I am ready to snuggle or get pets, but I am quick to come around once I know I can trust you. For me, trust usually involves a treat, a kind voice, and some nice pets. Then I am all yours!

Do you want to explore the world with me? I would love to learn from you if you can be patient with me.

If I sound like the kind of pup for you, fill out an application!

Have a good day!



Age: 7 months old
Looks Like: Herding Dog/Hound Mix
Available for Adoption November 18, 2017
Gender: Male
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Children over 5
Est. Adult Weight: 45 lbs