Hi! I'm Norton! And I'm looking for my forever home!

I am sweet as can be and just like the wine grape I was named after, I'm good for you too (the Norton grape is very high in anti-oxidants)!!

I'm politely curious and really love all humans... they taste delicious, so I love to lick them! Yeah, I'm a sucker for petting sessions and may even place a paw (ok... maybe two) on you, just to remind you that I'm right here, by your side.

My foster sister has taught me a lot and helped me build a lot of confidence over the past few days. Everything is just so new to me. Doorways are still a bit of a problem, but if the lights are on, it seems so less scary. I used to never look up, but the other day, I discovered birds! I just sat and watched them on the wires above. And I just discovered my voice! I don't use it much, and it is a little high, but maybe I could be a good alert for my humans with some practice.

Car rides always seem to bring me to fun places and I am awesome in
the car! The jump up to the seat was a little scary at first, but I am
getting the hang of it since I want to keep up!

I can sleep through the night in my crate and haven't had any
accidents! I just began learning that outside is where to go.. what a
great concept! I can make it 3-4 hours without needing to go outside
as I learn. It's great to be so smart... I got the hang of it in a

You won't have to worry about me dragging you while we walk... I am totally happy walking right beside you. I love leaving slack in a leash and don't pull much at all. My foster parents are hoping that I can teach my foster sis my great innate leash skills! Anything she can do... I think I can do better! She fetches balls and frisbees and I'm working on that too. The ball just feels so nice in my mouth. Their impressed I learned the basics in a day. Maybe that means I'm a fast learner! Some things just come natural to me though. "sit" was a breeze! "down" I get now too (ok...I cheat a little and see what sis was doing)!

So there's a really funny looking dog at the foster home that never goes out, makes a "meow" noise, and jumps really high, and he lets me gently sniff.. so long as I'm polite about it. So far, so good. We have been respectful and I let him sniff me too. I'm just so curious to know more about him... and yeah, his food is tasty... shhh.

I'm gentle with humans, so I'm probably good with kids that don't mind me licking them, but I haven't really been around any yet!!


Age: 1 year old
Looks Like: German Shepherd Mix
Available for Adoption October 16th, 2017
Gender: Male
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Children over 5
Est. Adult Weight: 40 lbs