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Honey is a very fun-loving and care free girl. She's very cuddly, friendly and loves to play. Honey is great on a leash and loves to run. Her ideal family would enjoy taking her out and about on hikes, for runs of even around the block. She loves all toys, squeaker or no squeaker and she's down to play! She really enjoys chewing on her toys and can easily stay entertaining with a water bottle or something that makes some slight noise. She'll take out the toys by herself from the toy bin and just entertain herself one by one. She's great in the crate and will go in there and hang out from time to time. Honey enjoys playing fetch with the ball or whatever you'll throw. She loves people and is great right off the bat. She's also really fantastic with her foster brother and sister and they are a lot older than her so she is very patient with them and respectful.

Honey has an excellent colored coat which is super soft and doesn't shed. She also has GORGEOUS amber eyes which steal hearts all over her foster parent's neighborhood.

Honey would most enjoy a family who will play with her and take her out for walks, runs and outdoorsy stuff. She'd be great going to hang out and relax at restaurant patios too! She's very good in the car and enjoys going places. She's working hard at not being lovingly mouthy and has made a lot of progress. She also has quickly learned she doesn't get the best attention when she jumps up on people, so she doesn't really like the anymore.

Overall, Honey is a gorgeous and funny, quirky pup who is always happy and will enjoy keeping you company or just hanging out by your side. She's got a great demeanor and is a catch for any family!


Age: 1 year old
Looks Like: Lab Retriever Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Female
Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids No Children
Est. Adult Weight: 62 lbs