Minimum Donation: $190


Hello my name is Caeden and I'm looking for the perfect lifelong relationship with someone who enjoys a quiet, intellectual life like I do. I'm terribly handsome, super easy to live with, am respectful, love to please, and generally low energy overall. I have great house manners, am perfectly potty trained and don't chew on things that aren't mine. I am very smart and look forward to learning lots of new things with you!

My dream family is made up of adults only who would like to focus all their love on ME. You see, with strangers I'm a classic introvert and am looking for a family who feels the same. I am NOT looking for a family who wishes to "socialize me" or change me... I'm a adult dog and my personality is pretty much set.

With my people I'm affectionate without being needy. I love to just lay at your feet or curl up beside you. I like to go on a walk but overall I'm an indoor kinda guy.

I ❤️❤️❤️ going for car rides! I'll curl up in the seat next to you and away we go. ?

Now just so you know I have a few quirks... don't we all?

Dogs - I like other dogs a lot but I get grumpy when they try to help me guard the door, the fence, etc. so I'd prefer to be an only child.

Strangers - Did I mention I was an introvert? I love special people in small quantities. I don't open up immediately and need you to give me a little time and space when we first meet.

Kids - I seem to like older, well mannered kids in small doses but because I'm really not a fan of meeting lots of new people (and kids frequently have other kids over to play) my foster family will only consider an adult home.

Front Door Alert Dog - I can be an excellent door watch dog for you! In fact this is something that ADR would like to sponsor my new family to take me to training to help me understand that I don't need to be quite so vigilant. ?

On Leash Only - I do love a good run now and then. And once in a while I will get a burr under my saddle and feel the need to ZOOM! When this happens (it's fairly rare) I sometimes completely forget what that word "come" means so it's safer for me if I'm with a family that keeps me on-leash in unsecured areas.

Well, that's about it. The amazing stuff and the personal stuff. If you think we might be a match made in heaven please submit an application and mention me by name. Until then...


Age: 4 years old
Looks Like: Setter/Pointer Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Male
Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids No Children
Est. Adult Weight: 60 lbs